UN-Habitat Coding System

The Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience Platform portal aims to give an overview of the known recovery projects to support coordination and recovery planning in all of Iraq. The platform is managed by the Ministry of Planning in Iraq and UN-Habitat, with support of CSO. This page allows agencies to generate tracking codes to be used for submission and updating of data.


  1. Request a number of unique codes for your agency.
  2. Include the codes in the data form to be downloaded from this site, or received from UN-Habitat.
  3. Upload the completed data file

RRR Platform Public Portal »

1. Request Codes

To generate codes for your project, press the button below and fill the requested codes for your project.

2. Download Data Form

Download the data form below.

RRR Platform » Housing Rehabilitation Database »

3. Upload File

Upload the completed data form with the project codes.

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